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We have spent countless hours combing the web and calling companies to find out if they know where their manufacturers are and whether or not they know if their workers are being treated fairly and paid a living wage. Many companies refused to answer our questions or did not know the answers. The ones who did are on the list below and are suppliers that we have found to be ethical. If you don’t see a supplier on this list and you feel they should be, feel free to contact us .

Wickett & Craig

Wickett & Craig has been producing vegetable tanned leather since 1867. Originally from Toronto, Canada, they now make leather in the USA! SoulBound Leather gets all vegetable tanned leather from here and has never been unsatisfied with the quality and consistency of its products. We proudly support this company


Skidmore’s makes natural treatments for restoration, conditioning and protection for leather and wood. Skidmore’s is also based right out of the Seattle area in the PNW! They are environmentally friendly and recycle everything coming in or going out. I am very proud to support my neighbor and extremely satisfied with their products.

Rome Fast

Rome Fast sells quality hardware for many of our leather goods and is manufactured in the USA! You can find things like D rings, snap fasteners and buckles from here

The Buckle Guy

The Buckle Guy is a distributor of high quality hardware for many leather workers and other makers. They manufacture overseas, but we are confident in their quality control and they have ensured us that their workers are paid living wages and work in an ethical environment.

Brettuns Village

Because we care about our planet and do our very best to leave nothing to waste, we are so grateful to Brettuns Village! Brettuns Village is located in the USA as well and spends their time finding discontinued leather and products and sells them at great prices. These are items that would otherwise be thrown away.

Country Brook Designs

Country Brook Designs sells all sorts of things for the leather worker and is all manufactured here in the USA! I am particularly fond of their welded D rings!